GrowUp Coworking

Project : GrowUp Coworking

Address: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, st. Ordzhonikidze, 44

Volume : 300 m2

the project was handed over for implementation March 2023

Lukoil LLK international

Lukoil LLK international

совместно с архитекторы АБД

volume : 10500 m2

address: Moscow Sadovnicheskaya str. 75

January 2020 , March 2021

Appartment at Moscow-City

230 m2.Appartment at Moscow-City

The current project

Apartment on the Arbat 27/1

180 m2.

Apartment on the Arbat 27.

140 m2.

Business Center "Meshcherin". South Lobby.

Public areas, 1100 m2, 2018

Loft-quarter "Danilovskaya Manufacture".South Lobby.

Moscow, Warsaw shosse 9

Russia Direct Office

Moscow.Varshavskoe shosse 9/1B.Building "Knop"

720 m2

Apartment at "RUBLEVO PARK"

155 m2.Moscow.Krasnogarsky district.

Business Center "Savin"

500 м2, 2018

Moscow, Timura Frunze street 11/13

KR Properties Office

KR Properties Office


Design project of the preliminary concept of equipment and decoration of the the Sberbank Trading department.

Moscow, ul. Vavilova 19, floor 3,4 building A. The total area of 4500m2.

KR Properties Show-Room

Moscow. Lva Tolstogo street 20.


The proposal to develop a new image of the Business-Park "Factoriya"

Creating a more attractive and modern type of architecture concept that make up the business more improvement,

The apartment on Novy Arbat 29

Moscow, 120 m2, Current project

Office at the attic

Office for a Private client next to his apartment.

140 m2.

VITRA Showroom

Business Center "ARMA", 240 m2, 2016

Moscow, Nizhny Susalny lane 5, bld. 4, 1st floor.

Business Center "Meshcherin".

Public areas, 1100 m2, 2016

Loft-quarter "Danilovskaya Manufacture"

Moscow, Warsaw shosse 9

The apartment on Dmitry Ulyanov street.

Moscow, Dmitriy Ulyanov street, 170 m2, 2016

House in Barviha

Barviha village, Moscow region, 5000 m2

Ramida Heights apartments

Thailand, Koh Phangan, Wok Tum, 2016


Moscow. Ochotny ryad 2, 27000 m2, 2014


Reconstruction of wine warehouses on Petrovsky Boulevard.

Moscow, 10000 m2. Project is under construction

Loft on Frunze Embankment

Moscow, 390 m2, 2015

LUKOIL Severo-Zapad nefteprodukt

Head office of OOO "LUKOIL Severo-Zapad nefteprodukt".

St. Petersburg, Petrograd district, 26000 m2, 2015

Gleden Invest

Project of Entrance areas, 550 m2, 2014

Lev Tolstoy str. 20

Gazprom Neftehim

St. Petersburg, Pochtamtskaya str. 5, 6000 m2, 2013

Apartment on Belorusskaya

Moscow, 100 m2, 2011

House at Ilyinskoe shosse

450 m2, project 2015, is under construction.

Restaurant for Lukoil

The architects were asked to arrange the premises of the former dining room in one of the buildings, owned by Lukoil company.

The project is on hold and waiting in the wings.

Fitness club

Moscow, Prospect Mira 105, 5000 m2, 2012

AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma

A series of design proposals for a major international hotel chain «Azimut Hotels»

AZIMUT Hotel Ufa

A series of design proposals for a major international hotel chain «Azimut Hotels»

AZIMUT Hotel Vladivostok

A series of design proposals for a major international hotel chain «Azimut Hotels»

KR Properties

Loft-quarter "Danilovskaya Manufacture", 3000 m2, 2009

Moscow, Warsaw shosse 9

Sochi Airport

Sochi Airport

Hectare office

Moscow region, 3600 m2, 2009

Apartment is on Starovolynskaya str.

Moscow, 120 m2, 2008

Vedis Development

Project of public areas, Moscow, 2000 m2, 2008


Moscow, Komsomolsky prospect 46, 150 m2, 2007

House on Timur Frunze str.


Moscow, Timur Frunze str 11, 1200 m2, 2008

SIMPLE office

Moscow, 1000 m2, 2007


The reconstruction project, 3500 m2, 2007

Loft-quarter "Danilovskaya Manufacture"

Moscow, Warsaw shosse 9

HAWORTH showroom

Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment 12, 300 m2, 2005

BOUCHERON boutique

Moscow, Kuznetsky Most 6, 300 m2, 2007

Cassa Forte Boutique

Moscow, Stoleshnikov lane and Gallery Actor

Nerl office

Lev Tolstoy str. 20, 7000 m2, 2007

ARLAN office

Moscow City, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment 18, Block "B"


Moscow, Rozhdestvenka str. 3/6 bld 1, 5400 m2, 2005


Neglinnaya str. 4, 10000 m2, 2002